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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
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Why though? 😳

A Czech girl here to extensively talk about her country! This is actually fun tradition, and the ‘beating’ is mostly symbolic. It stings a bit but I can’t say that I’d consider it unbearably painful or abusive. Nobody forces women to participate, and today people only go to the other people they know. And honestly I find it much more preferable to tradition where they spill water on you or even worse perfume. (I did that once and I it was annoying and I smelled horrible. I’m happy for whipping thank you) Though there’s like revenge day for women who then spill water on guys. (I never did, or haven’t seen it done though)

As to why. Traditionally it is not because the men want to cause harm to the women, the spring whipping was meant as a way for women to stay healthy, pretty and fertile for the following year. The whip is called ‘Pomlázka’ which comes from the word ‘Pomlazení - Omlazení’ which translates into Rejuvenation. Young twigs are used for the whip to transfer the ‘life force’ into women.

The whip is usually traditionally made out of pussy willow so it’s flexible and women are more usually whipped on their legs rather than backsides, though I guess you usually cover both. And it’s not only unmarried women. Nowadays in most region it’s ‘all’ the women. Even my grandma gets symbolic whipping.

It was also a form of symbolic ‘courtship’. Traditionally on Easter we decorate actual eggs. There are many ways how to do this, personally I love decorating with bee wax (I got beekeepers in the family)  but also with onion peels and flowers. 

Decorated with wax

Decorated with straw

Now the eggs are also a symbols of New life. And men ‘court’ women by whipping them (in the past some women actually took offence if nobody came to them) and the women give the men the decorated eggs as a sign of forgiveness and thanks for the rejuvenation. In some regions they also decorate their whips with bows. And Guys have to sing a Eastern Carol asking for the eggs. 

 It sound kinda brutal when you say they whip women, and sometimes there are alcohol issues, but generally it’s really tame and I find it to be fun tradition. 

Thank god you showed up before the 14 year old social justice bloggers did





what this made me realise is that helen’s certainty implies that dash and violet were both showing signs of their powers as infants and that is the funniest thing i have ever thought of in my life because one has super speed and one turns invisible can you picture first-time parents trying to deal with a baby that sometimes fucking disappears


theres a deleted scene about that actually 


"A Let’s Play is a recorded video documenting a playthrough of a video game, usually including commentary by the gamer. An LP differs from a walkthrough or strategy guide by focusing on an individual’s subjective experience with the game, often with humorous, irreverent, or even critical commentary from the gamer, rather than being an objective source of information on how to progress through the game.”

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